Our Pastor Paul Robinson is excited to announce the next stage in his journey.

Read his statement below. 

Grace Outreach family, friends and ministry partners,


I have been in a discernment process with the Evangelical Covenant Church.  As a result of this process, I have been nominated for and accepted the offer to serve as the next Executive Minister of Love Mercy Do Justice.  This position leverages well my skills in leadership development, diversity, equity and inclusion work and justice ministries.  It is an amazing opportunity that I didn’t pursue, but was invited to consider.  If the whole church at the ECC Annual Meeting elects me in June, I will begin my new call by September of this year.  The office of LMDJ works on:

·       Responding to natural disasters

·       Racial righteousness – Advances Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

·       Immigration

·       Ministry Development

·       Criminal Justice

·       Affordable Housing

·       Covenant World Relief – responds to human suffering in countries around the world

·       Covenant Enterprises helps individuals and groups to launch businesses to create jobs and respond to local economic concerns.


This ministry position will require extensive domestic and international travel. Accepting this new call will require that I step down as the Lead Pastor of Grace Outreach Covenant Church.  Many exciting things are happening at GO right now.  This church is poised to take the next step in its’ development.  I believe that the foundation is in place to build upon.  It was my plan and intent to lead our growth and expansion in partnership with you, but it has become clear to me that the “brook” that is Grace Outreach is drying up for me.  God has opened a new path for me that I never imagined or even dreamed of.  Leaving GO is like losing a child that you gave birth to.  I will still be here for a while, but the thought of not doing life with all of you hurts.  It is a sweet sorrow like Paul’s farewell to his community as he headed off to Rome: sweet, because we have done good work together in Jesus’ name.  I’m reminded that the Church is God’s work and we are the workers who serve at God’s pleasure.  Leaving GO will be difficult and hard.  The work I am called to do won’t be easy either, but I’m determined to do a great job with God’s help.  I am forging ahead full of hope and some uncertainty.  I don’t know exactly what the future holds for me or GO, but I know who holds the future and that gives me great comfort.  I know that the leadership team has what this church needs to shepherd this transition.  They will need the support of all of us.  I will certainly be intensifying my efforts over the next few months to make sure that things are in place for a smooth transition.  Kim and I solicit your prayers, as this will mean some significant adjustments for our family.  With God’s help, we know can do all things through Christ who gives us strength.


For the Kingdom,

Pastor Paul Robinson

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